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Ellis Goldberg


Marketing and sales of high technology products

Over 25 years experience

  •  Grew annual sales of the Finisar instrument line from less than a $500K to $30M over 6 years

  •  Marketing management

    •  Product definitions

    •  Promotional writing

      •  Brochures

      •  Detailed demonstration procedures

      •  Slide presentations including delivery

  •  Sales management

    •  Hiring and management of manufacturer representatives

    •  Training customers and sales people in the technical as well as sales aspects of the products



Furaxa 2003 2004 Intellectual property, high performance circuits
Finisar 1996 2002 Protocol analysis instruments for gigabit networks
AIS 1993 1996 JTAG test products
Biomation 1980 1992 Logic analyzers, emulators, digitizers
Systron Donner 1976 1980 Time code instruments, multi-meters, voltage standards
Teaching 1972 1975 Math and science in NYC and Vallejo, CA



New York Institute of Technology BSET 1969 New York, NY
John F Kennedy University MBA 1985 Orinda, CA


In 1996 Finisar hired me as the first marketing person for a small instrumentation offering supporting its optical module product line.  The instrumentation line grew to the point where it provided most of the profits for the company. This was accomplished by:

  •  Hiring sales representatives that were known and trusted

  •  Hiring sales managers who knew how to make the relationship with the representatives work

  •  Listening very carefully to our customers, thereby providing timely products to meet emerging needs

In 1998 Finisar became the #1 manufacturer of Fibre Channel test equipment used for SAN development and remains so.

Finisar went public in 2000, breaking IPO records. Using the cash raised Finisar purchased several other companies. Finisar in 2002 reduced the workforce by 30%.

In 2003, I joined Furaxa marketing very high speed pulser and sampler technology for a variety of applications. See for details.


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